Administrative & Academic Committee

The Administrative and Academic Committee which meets about nine times each year is responsible for consideration of policy in the academic area and for monitoring matters within its area of responsibility. In general, the Committee is concerned with matters affecting the teaching, learning, and research functions of the College, the establishment of  the College purpose, mission and objectives, priorities and resource allocation through the development of long-term and short-term plans and budgets.

The Administrative and Academic Committee has final decision-making authority within its area of responsibility, except when the Board of Governors requires the Administrative and Academic Committee to also submit matters for approval by the Board where those matters cut across the distinctive roles of the two bodies, such as approval of fees, budgets and strategic plans. Matters having significant impact on the College as a whole, those having serious steering effects on the development of a particular unit or those having a major impact on the relationships amongst units and relationships between the College and the community at large, will normally require the approval of the Board.

The Administrative and Academic Committee’s Terms of Reference set out further detail.

The Administrative and Academic Committee membership consists of those set out in the University College Law and five Board appointments made for one year terms ending July 15th.

Chair: Dr. Stacy McAfee, President and CEO 
Deputy Chair: Dr. Mosley-Matchett, Provost and VP Academic Affairs 
Mr. Mark Scotland, Board Member
Ms. Pamela Ebanks-Small, Board Member
Mr. Philip Scott, Board Member
Mr. Glen Inanga, Faculty/Staff representative elected by faculty and staff
Ms. Leah Archibold, Student representative elected by students
Ms. Patricia Robinson, EA to the President – Staff (Secretary to AAC)
Ms. Marian Jarquin, Executive Leadership
Mr. Simon Ashdown, Executive Leadership
Ms. Donnette Goddard, Executive Leadership
Ms. Kristen Ford, Executive Leadership
Ms. Tamsin Deasey, Executive Leadership
Dr. Beverly Shuford, Executive Leadership
Dr. Ivan Eubanks, Interim Dean
Dr. Susan Young, Interim Dean
Ms. Terese Parker, Interim Dean
Ms. Tracey Hargrave, Interim Dean

Office 623-0574 or Mobile 326 0687

* Voting members pursuant to Sections 9.(6)(c) and 24.(b) of the The Public Authorities Law, 2017