Board of Governors

The Board of Governors which meets about eight times each year has the power to control and exercise general supervision of the affairs, functions, purposes, policy and property of the College. The Board’s responsibilities are conducted through a set of committees with clear accountability and delegated authority for advice, oversight or approval. The Board determines those matters it requires the Administrative and Academic Committee to also submit for approval by the Board where those matters cut across the distinctive roles of the two bodies.

Matters requiring Board approval include the following matters:

  • mission statement
  • strategic plan
  • academic planning frameworks including enrollment frameworks
  • long-term budget strategy
  • annual operating budget
  • capital plans and capital projects over CI$50,000
  • academic priorities for fundraising
  • approval of the Ownership Agreement and Purchase Agreement between the Government and the College 
  • establishment, disestablishment or restructuring or renaming of academic units
  • approval of annual reports to the Minister on the work of the College, including the report of key performance indicators compared with targets contained in the  Ownership Agreement
  • approval of the annual audited financial statements 
  • approval of the report to Minister and the Minister of Finance on the financial activities of the College
  • subject to the approval of the Minister, approval of a policy on tuition fees and compulsory academic incidental fees
  • approval of annual fee schedule 
  • approval of a policy on student financial aid, bursaries and scholarships

The Board’s Terms of Reference set out further details.

See detail of the Board’s legal responsibilities.

The Board membership consists of the President and the following other members each appointed generally for three years by the Governor.
Mr. Gilbert McLean*, Chair (31 August 2024)
Mr. Jared Awe*, Deputy Chair (31 August 2024)  
Ms. Nichelle Scott*, Financial Industry representative (31 August 2024
Mr. Philip Scott, Ministry of Education, District Administration and Lands (2021)
Mr. Ronnie Dunn, Ministry of Finance representative (31 Aug 2024)
Mr. Leonard Lewis*, Information Technology Industry representative (28 May 2022)
Ms. Pamela Ebanks-Small*, Telecommunication and Information Technology representative (28 May 2022)
Ms. Lindsay Japal*, Business Industry representative (28 May 2022)
Mr. Steve Bramwell*, Construction and TVET representative (28 May 2022) 
Dr. Gayle Woods, Education and Church (6 Nov, 2022)
Dr. Stacy McAfee, President and CEO
Ms. Lucille Kong, Secretary

Office: 623-0563

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* Voting members pursuant to Sections 9.(6)(c) and 24.(b) of the The Public Authorities Law, 2017