Executive Committee

The Executive Committee which meets monthly is responsible for facilitating the operation of the Board of Governors and the governance Committees. The Executive Committee is responsible for monitoring and improving governance effectiveness, including agenda management, selection process for Board and Committee members, evaluation process, Committee terms of reference, interpretation or delineation of responsibilities, and clearly defines and respects the governance role relative to that delegated to the President and the President’s Cabinet.

The Executive Committee is responsible for the preparation of the agenda for meetings of the Board of Governors. The Executive Committee plays a co-ordinating role in relation to the other Committees, screening new issues and assigning them to standing or ad hoc committees or to the President and President’s Cabinet for consideration.

It also deals with other matters within the responsibility of the Board of Governors, either delegated by the Board or for decisions on unforeseen matters the urgency of which does not permit their deferral until the next regular meeting of the Board of Governors. The Executive Committee may deal with any matter that is within the responsibility of the Board of Governors, but no decision of the Executive Committee is effective until approved by the Board of Governors or unless the Board of Governors has previously assigned authority to the Executive Committee.The Executive Committee’s Terms of Reference set out further detail.

The membership of the Executive Committee is as follows:

Mr. Mark Scotland, Chair
Mr. Shomari Scott, Deputy Chair
Mr. Jared Awe, Chair, Audit and Finance Committee
Dr. Stacy McAfee, President and CEO, Chair of Administrative and Academic Committee, or in that Chair’s temporary absence the Deputy Chair of the AAC
Ms Lucille Kong, Secretary

Office: 623-0563