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Update on Presidential Search

 Apr 28, 2018 2:00 PM
by Tom Simpson

Mr. Anthony Ritch, Chair of the Presidential Search Committee and Deputy Chair of the UCCI Board of Governors provides the following update on the current status of the recruitment of the next President of University College.

Recruitment regularly operates on a confidential basis. However, in the context of colleges and universities there is a tradition or practice of candidates being welcomed on campus for the faculty and staff to meet them before any final decisions are made. In the Cayman context, a visit also provides an opportunity for a candidate to determine whether he or she can see making our Islands their home for their term as President. UCCI entered this public phase of the recruitment process with visits on campus by the first three candidates who advanced to the final round of interviews, during the period April 20th to 23rd.

Recruitment activities are still active, as two of the candidates who visited the campus have withdrawn. We are now in the phase of continuing interviews, background checks and obtaining references on remaining candidates. We will keep the community posted on any further public phases of the process.

At this point of the recruitment process, there have been no offers of employment. The Executive Committee has made no recommendation to the Board, and therefore the Board has made no recommendation to the Minister of Education. Only when the recruitment process is complete we will be in a position to announce the new President of UCCI.

28 April 2018



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©  2019  University College of the Cayman Islands. All rights reserved

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