2018 Presidential Search

Board of Governors Begins Search for Next President

With the planned retirement in 2018 of President J.A. Roy Bodden, the Board of UCCI wishes to begin the recruitment process to fill this upcoming vacancy. The strategic planning exercise is well under way and the next President will be expected to carry out the final plan. While the College has been stabilized and strengthened under President Bodden, the next President will have a very different role should strategic planning continue to conclusion along the path it is now taking. The direction of much of the strategic plan is to increase external focus, establishing deeper relationships and engagement with all external stakeholders and in generating increased financial and people resources from existing and new sources. External stakeholders expect to deal directly with the President. As is common at other universities, this leads to a management structure that has both a President with an external focus and a Vice-President & Provost with an internal focus, while both work as team.


Position and Candidate Description

President and Chief Executive Officer

of University College of the Cayman Islands

The Opportunity

University College of the Cayman Islands (“UCCI”) is the national public university, established as a statutory authority. UCCI offers 1,400 students a wide variety of day and evening courses at the Associate, Bachelor and Master’s degree levels, as well as continuing adult education and workforce training, through eleven departments and schools. There are approximately 69 full-time faculty and administrative staff, supported by many adjunct faculty, bringing the full-time equivalent to 89 persons. UCCI has an $8 million annual operating budget and in excess of $8 million of assets. There are 11 buildings on the three acre Grand Cayman campus, with a satellite campus on Cayman Brac.

The New President’s Mandate

The President has overall responsibility for the management of UCCI. In carrying out the next five-year UCCI Strategic Plan, the new President is expected to have primarily an external focus, establishing deeper relationships and engagement with external stakeholders and in generating increased financial and people resources from both existing and new sources.

The new President’s mandate includes:

Being a visible advocate enhancing the profile of the College and advancing its mission by maintaining proactive and regular communication and collaboration with external stakeholder groups and individuals.

Leveraging existing and creating new relationships to build and expand partnerships that will enhance the College and support its mission, particularly in achieving enrollment goals.

Seeking and obtaining international instiutional accreditation.

Developing innovative approaches to achieving financial sustainability and inspiring financial support and creative solutions to the challenges of funding.

Demonstrating disciplined oversight of the fiscal and operational activities of the College.

Supporting and continuing the implementation of a collegial decision-making process under a bicameral shared self-governance model, increasingly focused on policy-making and accountability reporting.

An eagerness to motivate and to delegate effectively to the Vice-President and other members of the Senior Management Team, while demonstrating leadership in change management.

Candidate Qualifications and Experience

The successful candidate should possess the following:

A Master’s degree, however a PhD would be advantageous.

A minimum of 10 years’ successful experience in an academic setting

A minimum of 5 years’ experience in a senior administrative role

A goal-oriented, visionary and strategic thinker

A proven commitment to the values of academic integrity and freedom

Excellent organizational, administrative and personnel management skills

Excellent communication skills, both in writing and public speaking

Excellent social skills and the ability to build and maintain strong relationships with external stakeholders

An enthusiasm to engage directly and successfully in fundraising activities

The energy and willingness to work long and abnormal hours, often outside normal working hours, and to travel overseas for College purposes.

The Appointment

The President is accountable to and is ex-officio a member of the Board of Governors and the Administrative and Academic Committee, a bicameral governance structure dividing fiscal and academic authorities between two bodies, each of which has been granted their own statutory powers and responsibilities. The President is ultimately responsible for the flow of management proposals and recommendations to governance.

The President is expected to take office on July 1, 2018, or on another mutually agreeable date. It is expected that the appointment will be on a three-year contract, with a three-year renewal period subject to performance. A teaching position may follow completion of the Presidential appointment.

Salary will be in the range: CI$129,000 to CI$139,000 per annum.

Matching pension contributions under The National Pensions Law. Matching contributions to group medical plan.

The Presidential Search Committee will begin its consideration of individuals in early February.

The Presidential Search Committee will recommend the applicant who, in its opinion, has the best skills, knowledge and integrity to carry out the duties of chief executive officer required in a highly competent manner and the appointment recommendation will be made solely on the basis of the best mix of qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience for the position.

Where two or more persons are ranked broadly similarly on the basis of merit and one of those persons is a Caymanian, the Caymanian will be given preference for the post.

Nominations and applications, including the qualifications and accomplishments on the basis of which the individual merits consideration, should be submitted by 5 p.m. February 13, 2018 in confidence to:

Lucille Kong, Secretary of the Board of Governors
168 Olympic Way, PO Box 702, 
George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands KY1-1107
T:(345)-623-0563 | F:(345)-949-6781
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