Governance Policies & Reports

One of the primary functions of College Governance is approval of specific Policies. By clicking a folder name listed below, you may view the related College Policies.

Board & Committee Terms of Reference

Policies Approved by Governance

Policies Approved by the Executive Leadership Team

Applicable Legislation, Regulations and Government Directions

Agreements with the Cayman Islands Government

Another of the primary functions of College governance is oversight in which governance receives a wide variety of Reports and information through which it monitors the quality and substance of College leadership and decision-making. By clicking a folder name listed below, you may view the most important accountability Reports received by governance.

Annual Reports from the Board

Annual Reports from the President

Financial Statements

Institutional Effectiveness Reports

Other Accountability Reports

Many other Reports can be found in the Agenda Materials for the meeting of the governance body receiving the Report.

Meeting Agendas, Agenda Materials and Minutes may be obtained here