On May 23, 2018, the Executive Committee appointed the following persons to the interview panel for the Vice President & Provost search:

  • Mr. Anthony Ritch, Deputy Chair and member of the Board of Governors
  • Mr. Thomas Simpson, member of the Board of Governors
  • Ms Antoinette Gayle, Faculty member elected by the Faculty for AAC

The interview panel will be seeking to complete its work so that the Board may approve a recommendation at its June 20th meeting and the successful candidate may take office on July 1st.

Jurisdictional Information:

The Public Authorities Law, 2017 (“PAL”) requires that the panel consists of no less than three persons who (a) have an understanding of the duties, skills and attributes of the position; (b) have no conflict of interest; and (c) are able to act in an independent and unbiased manner in relation to the appointment concerned.

Under its Terms of Reference, the Executive Committee acts as the core of the interview panel for senior appointments, including Vice Presidents, Deans and any other member of the Senior Management Team reporting directly to the President. Subject to the PAL, the Executive Committee may appoint to any such interview panel other persons as it sees fit in the circumstances. An interview panel for a Vice Presidential appointment will make a recommendation for Board approval. Executive Committee member President Bodden declined to serve on this interview panel.

Prior Actions Taken:

At its meeting of January 17, 2018, the Administrative and Academic Committee reviewed and commented on the job description for the Vice President & Provost.

At its meeting of April 11, 2018, the Executive Committee reviewed the job description and insertion of the salary scale approved by the Board in September 2015 and agreed to post the position on the UCCI’s website for applications.

On April 23, 2018, the position was posted on the UCCI public website and notice circulated within UCCI, all pursuant to the Public Authorities Law, Section 42 (which does not require advertising in local or international media). The deadline for applications was set for May 15th.